Please be aware that we have been notified of a phishing scam, using the domain, is being used to lure job seekers to apply for non-existing, remote positions.  The domain,, is not part of our company.  Please ignore any emails or texts purporting to be from our company.

Chesapeake Crewing, LLC Inc. is qualified as an SBA small business, which began operations in 2016 providing marine personnel and vessel management services to commercial operators of US-flag vessels. Mariners furnished by Chesapeake Crewing maintain membership in the Masters, Mates & Pilots (MM&P) for all Licensed Officer billets and Seafarers International Union(SIU) for all of our Unlicensed Mariner billets.

All Mariners provided to our customers are fully Credentialed, STCW-compliant, and are regularly drug-tested in accordance with USCG requirements. The personnel furnished by Chesapeake Crewing are urged to maintain the highest levels of technical training by attending upgrade and recertification classes on a regular basis at their respective union(s) Training Facilities at little or no cost to the member .Our collective bargaining agreements with MM&P and SIU allow us to "select" mariners that we feel are best suited for the operation of our contracted vessels. This selective process is what has enabled Chesapeake Crewing to provide exemplary personnel who are in all respects qualified to participate in and contribute to our customers success.

Chesapeake Crewing is always accepting applications from US Coast Guard documented mariners, please see the link below to complete an application.
Masters, Mates, and Pilots:
Seafarers International Union:

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We are always looking for licensed crew from 1600 GT / 3000 ITC, unlimited tonnage engineers, and deck crew with or without PIC.